Konstantin Pushkin

Entrepreneur and mentor.
More than 13 years of experience in the development of new technologies and products, 20 years of personal experience in new educational technologies.

Winner of the Aircraft Builder of the Year 2016 award. Engineer, scientist, PhD and associate professor. Expert in innovative projects at the Skolkovo Innovation Hub. Founder, CEO and CTO of the AL Technologies company.

“I founded from an idea and developed in 2 years a startup based on an innovative technology and reached pre-orders of USD 80 million.

My passion is beautiful products and I want to see more of them in the world. That is why now I am helping to beginning entrepreneurs, new products developers and startups to develop in the right way and to meet concrete walls lesser. “

About me

I have developed more than 25 technically challenging projects and a startup company with innovative products, aroused interest for 80 million USD.
I started making innovations even at school, when finished it in 4 years earlier using my own educational method.

Currently I help entrepreneurs to develop and accelerate a growth of their projects and companies.

Since 2021, I am an author and a host of To Become Entrepreneur YouTube channel, where I share my experience in new products, startups and companies development. The channel aims to help the beginning entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

To Become Entrepreneur

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If the entrepreneurship seems difficult and not for you…
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“On this channel I share the knowledge that would be extremely important for me to know at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.”

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What I do

I help project leaders, teams and entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate the growth of their business.

  1. Advise on building and developing a startup or business at the stages from Idea to sales, Series A or scaling.
  2. Develop projects and startups teams as a mentor.
  3. Accompany the development of a project or a company as a mentor and temporary Founder-CEO.

Do you develop an idea, project or starting a company? Then I surely can help you. Write me, I will be glad to work together.


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Do you develop an idea, project or starting a company? Then I surely can help you. Write me, I will be glad to work together.

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